26 July, 2008

We like these designs!

Pack of Dogs 2

About The Project:

The "Pack of dogs 2" is a series of multifunction pieces based roughly on the shape of a dog, in different sizes and positions. These characters, named after famous Mexican wrestlers (/Dos caras Jr, Aguayo, Superastro, El Santo, Alushe /and/ Místico/) may work as a side table, stool, bench, bookshelf, magazine rack, newspaper holder, bookends, etc. By the way each piece is used, and the objects that interact with it, a different story is told. The pieces are made in different materials and processes.

SCT Project

About The Project:
SCT (Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes – Ministry of Communications and Transportation), is comprised of four wooden sculptures shaped like telecommunications towers that reference the abandonment of human infrastructure, and suggest a possible second use for whole typological classes after the objects stop serving a purpose.


About The Project:
Nel transposes onto the scale and shape of a porcelain vase the monumentality and identity of a water tank. The pieces are intervened in the same manner as real-life buildings, making each of them unique, with scaled-down cracks, graffiti, tags and stencils, as well as political campaigns and music concert advertising.

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